Indonesia: Resumen del tercer dia del juicio contra Eat y Billy (Esp/En)

El 14 de febrero se realizo el tercer dia del juicio contra los compas de La Celula Larga Vida a Luciano Pitronello – FAI Indonesia, el tercer dia al igual que el segundo (7 de febrero) giro entorno a las declaraciones de los 30 testigos que cito a declarar el fiscal.

Las pruebas contundentes contra los compas es escasa y se basa la mas fuerte en una declaracion realizada por un testigo que dijo ver a Billy comer en un cafe cercano al lugar donde se realizo el ataque incendiario por esto las acusasciones terroristas son cada ves menos tangentes.

En otro ambito lo compas siguen siendo sometidos a duros interrogatorios para encontrar mas informacion acerca de la red internacional (FAI), como estrategia represiva les cortaron bastante el contacto con el exterior y con sus compañeros quedando mas aislados que cualquier otro preso, este movimiento no se debe a otra cosa que para forzar un desgaste psicologico de los compas.

Los compas piden a modo de apoyo el envio de material de lectura, y desde negasi brindan una direccion de correo electronico donde se recibiran cartas,

Solidaridad con Eat y billy!


Third court report of the anarchists Eat & Billy, Long-Live Luciano Tortuga Cell – FAI/IRF (Indonesia)

Reyhard Rumbayan (EAT) and Billy Augustan (Billy) were yesterday (February 14, 2012) back in court for the third time. This agenda together with the second hearing on February 7, 2012, is to hear testimony from witnesses. The Prosecutor said they would present 30 witnesses to prove and convince the judge that the two combatants can be charged with terrorism.

The trial itself is increasingly clear to us as a sad parody of the State. Two witnesses that were presented at the second trial even admitted that their evidence consisted of only seeing Eat and Billy in a cafe before the burning took place. And the two witnesses who are owners of the cafe, in front of the judges, stated that they did not listen to the conversation the night before the attack on the property occurs.

Another peculiarity is also evidence that the institutions are trying to trap the brothers. One of the other witnesses claimed not to see the combatant Eat at the scene when the BRI Bank ATM was firebombed. It is almost certain that the prosecutor -as an instrument of State repression- is unable to produce witnesses to prove that these two comrades are involved in international terrorist networks. Making it clear that the use of the articles on terrorism is a boring show.

Another bad scenario for the brothers-combatants is to create a separate file for a second trial of the comrades. To try to force a witness statement against the other. Both comrades also continue to receive the intimidation and terror of the interrogators, plus the fact that they are in sections of the prison where conditions are poor. The police also deliberately cut off the communication efforts with several comrades of our combatants, those who follow developments in this case and beyond closely.

The process of protracted proceedings is also a tactic used by the State to put the two comrades Eat & Billy into psychological exhaustion. The State is deliberately making a second trial as a medium of terror against blooming dissent.

But we are very confident that the two brothers will not give up and be subjected to the forces of Capital and the State. We also believe that the imprisonment that afflicts our friends will not dampen the expression of anger against tyranny.

Long live the live action!
Freedom for Eat & Billy!
Burn all the prisons to the ground!

PS: Both comrades (Eat & Billy) ask for psychological support in the form of donations of books. If anyone has read the book like a novel and want to express solidarity, can contact us via email [negasidaurulang [at] to discuss further the solidarity package distribution process.